Volunteer Abroad

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If you are planning to travel abroad to support an important cause, language can be a real barrier.  By learning the local language, not only will you be gaining an amazing new skill, you will gain the respect of those around you and those you are trying to help. Even if your language skills aren’t great by the time you travel, you can keep on learning with the Sixtyvocab app, as it is totally portable and doesn’t need to be online.

Planes, trains, buses and automobiles

The Sixtyvocab app is a perfect travel buddy.  It is available on your mobile device and tablet and doesn’t need to be online.  So, whether you are on a long haulage flight or a cramped bus or train, you can always grab the app and keep learning.  Each session lasts just 5 minutes, so you have no excuses not to learn on the move.

Made for Conversation

Our research suggests that once you have learnt 2,000 words, you will know 60% of the language.  We will teach you loads of relevant vocab to help you boost your conversation confidence.  Using the interactive games, you will quickly start to pick up new vocabulary and find that you are able to recall it easily and build you own meaningful conversations.