Practice Spanish vocabulary

Learning Vocab is a Marathon - Not a Sprint

Learning a new language is not a race.  There are no set time limits, guidelines or expectations, nor is there any pressure on you to learn at a certain pace.  Sixtyvocab lets you learn at your own speed, over process of learning to speak Spanish can be enjoyable, motivational and fun.  You may find yourself taking more time on certain sections and less on others. That’s fine because everyone is different.

Learn between Siestas

Learning to speak Spanish doesn’t have to be a big commitment, nor does it have to be time-consuming.  Each session takes just five minutes to complete, so you can easily fit in some practice to suits your schedule.  That might be before work, school or college or after a quick siesta.  Learning with Sixtyvocab works around your lifestyle, so that you can enjoy learning and have fun along the way.

Not too big, not too small. Just right.

Each session lasts just five minutes.  That’s enough time to squeeze in loads of new vocabulary, without losing the motivation to learn a new language.  One of the drawbacks to traditional language tuition is the learning format: lengthy modules that have to be studied and then tested.  With Sixtyvocab, you don’t have any of that to worry about.  You can simply log into the app on your mobile device and work your way through as many sessions as you feel comfortable with.