Portuguese Vocabulary Lessons

Portuguese is spoken by over 250 million people around the world and it is widely spoken throughout South America, Europe and Africa.  For that reason alone, it is a popular language to be learnt, by both business and vacation travellers.  Sixtyvocab teaches all the vocab you’ll need to feel confident when speaking Portuguese and it can be accessed any time using our mobile app.

Lessons for Long-term Memory - No Cramming

Rather than following a traditional method of language tuition, Sixtyvocab has adopted a new approach.  There are no long and boring tutorials, nor are there time limits or unnecessary pressure.  Instead, methods of learning to maximise retention, whilst keeping you interested are key to the app.  When you learn Portuguese with Sixtyvocab, each session is just 5 minutes long, so you stay responsive throughout the practice and the interactivity of each session ensures that you retain as much as you can.

Learn Business Vocab while in Brazil - Get ready for the Olympics!

If you are planning a business trip to a Portuguese speaking country, or perhaps you’re getting ready for the Olympics in Brazil in 2016, Sixtyvocab can get you speaking Portuguese in under 5 minutes.  Whether you want to order a drink in a bar or converse about an important contract negotiation, Sixtyvocab can help you achieve your goals.