Homeschool – Study foreign language vocabulary

Track what your students know

One of the features of the mobile app is the learning tracker.  You can easily see how much time your students have spent learning their new vocab and their progress is monitored along the way.  It can be really motivating for them track their learning and witness their own improvements and it is a great management tool for you.

Adapts to the individual's learning curve

Everyone learns at a different pace and Sixtyvocab recognizes this.  The mobile app adapts to your student’s learning curve and provides them with bite size lessons that they can work through at their own speed.  There’s absolutely no pressure!  If they want to spend an afternoon, working their way through a topic, or they just have 5 minutes to complete 1 online game, you will see the progress they make and the app tracks all their developments, using the learning tracker feature.

More engaging than flashcards

Interaction is key to our app.  By making the learning process engaging, interesting and fun, recall and retention are far greater than traditional methods, such as the use of flashcards.  The 5 minute sessions are accessible and fun to complete, so the student will find the whole learning process motivational and rewarding.