Learn French Vocabulary

Learn through interactive games

Learning a new language can be fun.  With Sixtyvocab, we encourage learning through the use of interactive games on our mobile app.  Unlike traditional methods of language tuition, Sixtyvocab is broken down into short bursts of information that are memorable, interactive and enjoyable to learn.  If you like playing games, you’ll love to learn French with Sixtyvocab.

Study while in France

Paris – the city of lights, fashion and romance.  So don’t waste time stuck in a classroom learning the language.  Go out there and immerse yourself in it.  With Sixtyvocab, you can take the app everywhere with you and learn on the move.  If you are sat in a Parisian café, sipping coffee and eating a croissant, you can still squeeze in 5 minutes to complete a new section on the interactive language app.

Adapts to your learning curve

Everyone learns at a different pace, and Sixtyvocab recognizes this.  The mobile app adapts to your learning curve and provides you with bite size lessons that you can work through at your own speed.  There’s absolutely no pressure!  If you want to spend an afternoon, working your way through a topic, or you just have 5 minutes to complete 1 online game, you will still be making progress and the app tracks all you development, using the learning tracker feature.