College Foreign Language Vocabulary

Affordable and Effective

Sixtyvocab has been designed to supplement your existing college or classroom language tuition.  We focus on helping you to develop your vocabulary skills, which research suggests is the most important part of learning a new language.  We do not teach grammar, as this is usually already being taught by your teacher or online tutor, but once you start to use Sixtyvocab, the 2 will come together and you will see great results.

Stop the Forgetting

Sixtyvocab has been designed to teach you the vocab you need in an interesting, interactive and memorable way.  We aim to get you involved in the learning experience as much as possible and therefore, your subsequent recall will be far greater.  Our research suggests that playing an interactive memory game will stay with you far longer than writing out vocab tests over and over again.

5 minutes here, 5 minutes there

Our approach aims to offer you all the flexibility you need to kick start you new language skills.  Some people find the prospect of learning a new language very daunting; especially if it is not something they have done before, or if they have busy work schedules.  The Sixtyvocab mobile app can be accessed from any mobile device at any time and each session can be completed in just 5 minutes.  So there are no long, tiresome tutorials to endure, just fun and engaging games to help you build your knowledge.