Business Travel

Learn in between meetings

When you have a busy life, trying to squeeze in a language class can seem like an impossible feat.  However, learning a new language with Sixty Vocab can easily fit into your routine.  In just five minutes, you can learn new words to help you gain confidence when constructing conversations in your chosen language.

Boost your vocab while waiting in the taxi

The Sixty Vocab mobile app is a great travel partner.  It is accessible off-line, so you can access your account wherever and when ever.  If you are waiting for a taxi, relaxing on a long haul flight or even in between meetings, you can log into the mobile app and practice your vocab using one of our five minutes interactive games.

Categories specific to your field

To make learning a new language interesting and relevant for you, there are specific fields that you can choose to learn about, and ignore others.  This feature of the Sixty Vocab app makes it work for you and helps you efficiently meet your objectives.