Portuguese for Beginners

Portuguese for Beginners


The 2014 World Cup, a love of Samba and a desire to dance on the beaches in Rio fueled our passion to learn Portuguese. Since many at team Sixty Vocab speak or are learning another language, we knew that our focus on Portuguese for Beginners had to be one that would instill a love for language right from the start.

We started Portuguese for Beginners in two ways on our site. The first is through our language learning game for the web or mobile (iPhone or Android). In as little as 3 months, you can learn 2,000 words by playing your way to vocabulary learning. The second is through our social media homage to the World Cup and all things soccer.

Please visit our YouTube page. We produced super quick videos with keywords and phrases related to soccer and the World Cup. It’s Portuguese for Beginners who are sports fans. We also have a great blog post with some keywords and phrases for soccer.

We promise that you will learn more than what to say to a Referee that made a poor judgment call.

Then you can start on learning the real building blocks for the Portuguese language — words that you will actually need and use in conversation.



Ola! Sixty Vocab can help you learn over 2,000 Portuguese words in as little as 3 months. Learn, play and practice in your downtime on your computer, tablet, iPhone or Android device. Sixty Vocab is the life hack for learning foreign language vocab. Obrigado!

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