Italian 2 Vocabulary

Italian 2 Vocabulary


Congratulazioni! If you are reading this post, then you have likely completed Italian 1 vocabulary and you may be extending your Italian language journey through Italian 2 vocabulary. In Italian 1, you became familiar with the basics of sound, structure, and grammar, greetings, salutations, vocabulary and more. In other words, you learned the building blocks. Italian 2 vocabulary courses extend introductory Italian language learning to include improving written and oral communication skills, developing critical reasoning and analysis, intercultural competence, appreciating linguistic and cultural diversity and more. The goal is to have functional knowledge of the Italian language.

The focus of many Italian 2 courses is to gradually increase or completely dive into learning about Italian in Italian such that immersion is part of daily learning. Each segment of a Italian 2 vocabulary course also focuses on vocabulary for daily use. You’ll be tested on grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and oral communication. The more you can speak Italian in the classroom, the better off your grades will be (and the more words you will learn and retain) … and the more impressive you’ll be on that dream trip to Italy! Or, even at your local restaurant. Or, when listening to The Godfather and closing your eyes during the subtitles.

This is where we come in. As you focus on Italian 2 vocabulary content, Sixty Vocab is here to help.  Our adaptive learning gaming platform is available online and for your mobile phone (Android and iOS). This way you can add to your ever-growing vocabulary whenever you have spare time – even without access to an internet connection. In addition to the 4,000+ Italian words, verbs and conjugations that our web and mobile products offer, Sixty Vocab is proud to partner with educators to offer custom foreign language content. The more Italian words you know, the more confident you will be to apply them in actual conversation.

Together, Sixty Vocab and educators expand course learning by enabling them to teach and reinforce vocabulary through a gaming platform. Instructors track student progress through our Teacher Dashboard so that they get a bird’s eye view into what and how students are learning in real time to accelerate competencies and address problem areas faster and more effectively. Sixty Vocab’s goal within educational settings is to empower the instructor and free up valuable class time for student interaction and higher value learning.

We create building blocks for language learning that last long beyond the game. Write us at to learn more about Sixty Vocab’s educational offering and Teacher Dashboard for your class. Until then …

Happy Learning!


Ciao! Sixty Vocab can help you learn over 2,000 Italian words in as little as 3 months. Learn, play and practice in your downtime on your computer, tablet, iPhone or Android device. Sixty Vocab is the life hack for learning foreign language vocab. Grazie!

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